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Counter Fun

November 8, 2016

My visit to Sylvia’s restaurant was at the tail end of lunch and I asked to be seated in the perfect place to get recommendations - at the counter!

I asked the woman to my right what she suggested from the fish offerings and she smiled as she answered,“The catfish and you must try the collard greens side." I took the suggestion and added a side of okra. I wasn’t aware at the time that I asked Sylvia’s granddaughter. When her lunch arrived I saw a preview of mine!

At the counter I saw the...

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Cash in the Jar

November 13, 2016

I love day tripping in rural areas. Driving down desserted roads, seeing farm silos and hand crafted road side signs make me feel away. Every so often I come across self serve markets where you select your items in an unmanned store and pay on the honor system. At Shunpike Dairy I poured my own raw milk, selected eggs and cheese and then wrote down my payment after dropping it into the jar.

It wasn’t my main destination, but the shopping experience was a memorable part of the day. I saw the...

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Beach Detour

November 20, 2016

Driving along the interstate, I passed a brown and white sign saying that there was a Public Beach at the next exit. It was uncommonly mild for a Fall day and I hadn’t yet visited this particular beach. I exited the highway and easily found it. Getting out of my car, I heard gently crashing waves, but the elevated train tracks blocked my view of the beach.

The path led me to a tunnel whose entrance revealed the bay with the morning sun gleaming on the water. The only other visitors was a...

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Hidden Landmark

November 30, 2016

On the cobblestone streets under the Brooklyn Bridge there’s a spectacular view of the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline. It’s a popular place for professional photo shoots and I love stopping to discover what the photographer is seeing.

I’ve watched photographers capturing couples holding hands, brides running to sail their veils or capturing unique glimpses of the bridge above.

In this frame, absent is any hint of the scene’s proximity to the bridge. The model is in an archway of a...

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